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Packed with Vitamin C, nutrients and natural sugars, JOYA® apples are the crunchy way to get an instant energy boost. They can handle knocks without bruising, and thanks to their high water content, these super juicy, sweet and tangy, low GI snacks are the ideal way to quench the thirst of any on-the-go loving families.

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Keep your energy levels up whilst hiking with a friend, cycling over the weekend, or enjoying the outdoors with your family. Thanks to JOYA® apples, getting that boost has never tasted better!

  • Energizing
  • Sweet
  • Juicy
  • Tart
  • Crunchy
  • Refreshing

All about
them apples

Not all apples are created equal... The farmers of JOYA® apples take extra time and attention when growing their fruit, which makes for a crunchier, juicier product with high nutritional values. Great care is taken to keep the apples chilled after picking, which means they also stay fresher for longer. This also ensures they maintain a water level of 85%, making them the perfect way to rehydrate when thirst hits.

Grown by specialist growers across South Africa, this beautiful red apple is a natural cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. It combines their best features to create an apple that tastes delicious and offers an instant energy boost with each bite. Chopped, peeled or simply crunched, JOYA® apples are high in fibre, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates - everything you need to live your life at your top speed!

  • Before Activities JOYA® apples provides energy
  • During Activities JOYA® boosts your body with minerals and vitamins
  • After Activities JOYA® contains 85% water enabling you to rehydrate your body which helps to eliminate toxins

JOYA® provides great nutritional value. Regular consumption will help you to stay in good health and in good shape and to perform well in all of your activities.

The energy provided by JOYA® doesn’t come from fats, but from FRUCTOSE and CARBOHYDRATES – complex sugars that are released slowly in the body, making JOYA® the perfect apple for any outing or activity.

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Moreover, JOYA® is rich in vitamin C – particularly the outer part of the flesh and the skin. So don’t peel your JOYA® apples and get the most from these nutritional qualities!


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Nutritional Information

Average Value Per 100g
Protein: 0.2g
Carbohydrates: 13.0g
Vitamins: 0.1g
Fibre: 2.3g
Energy: 267kJ
Information as per the
MRC National Food Composition Tables


  • Vitamin B1 for turning food into energy, optimal nerve and muscle function and maintaining the immune system
  • Vitamin B2 essential for red blood cell production.
  • Vitamin B3 to boost the production of “good” cholesterol.
  • Vitamin B5 for breaking down fatty acids and maintaining a healthy digestive tract
  • Vitamin B6 to maintain sugar levels and for optimal nerve functioning
  • Vitamin B9 proper brain function and to prevent mental fatigue
  • Provitamin A to support vision, bone growth and your immune system. It also helps with skin repair
  • Vitamin C promotes the growth and repair of body tissues
  • Vitamin E to protect against cell damage and heart disease

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