Being outdoors boosts your mental health

Spending time outside, close to nature, improves our mental wellbeing. But why are green environments so good for us?

You’ve probably experienced it countless times: that wonderful feeling after a cycle in the forest or a hike up the mountain. Exercise boosts our mental and physical health in many different ways – if you work out in a beautiful natural environment, you can expect even better results.

A growing body of research shows that natural environments promote psychological restoration, and improve mood and attention span, while reducing stress, depression, anxiety and aggression – so much so that it’s been shown to reduce crime in certain communities.

Why the outdoors benefits us
Scientists believe that a few different mechanisms could be at play:

Convinced that spending time outdoors is good for you? Reap the rewards this summer. Even just sitting on a park bench for half an hour could be a boon to your mental health. Just don’t forget to take a JOYA® apple along – it’ll keep you energised while you enjoy the view.

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