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Make a platter of fun-filled animal shapes as healthy party food or even an activity for slightly older kids. Be creative with the ingredients and different cuts of apple to use. Here are a few suggestions to get you inspired. Remember to first rinse the apple slices or wedges in water to prevent them from browning, pat dry lightly and then use as suggested.

Apple ‘cheeks’ and different sized slices as circles; wedges and even cubes

Raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds

Peanut butter, melted chocolate, pretzels and pretzel-sticks

Celery, cucumber or other veggies like carrots or peppers


Body: big circle with a smaller ‘cheek’ on top; and make a head with another slice, cut in a matching size with a cookie cutter.

Ears: cut from apple slices, so that skin shows on top.

Eyes: piped with peanut butter** and a piece of apple for a mouth

Paws: almond slithers or choc chips

Thin cucumber slices, halved, as grass


Body: big circle with two sets of differently sized wedges as wings.

Pretzel and pretzel-sticks for a head and cucumber slices, halved as rest of body

Pipe patterns with melted chocolate** and peanut butter

Snail and sun

Body: a piece of celery as the base for the snail, filled with peanut butter, pipped into the celery.

Shell: thick slice of apple, cut in half, with the skin showing at the top, as the shell.

Head: pipe with peanut butter and use pretzel-sticks as the tentacles.

Sun: a disc of apple with sunflower seeds packed as rays

Chef's Tip

For easy piping of chocolate or peanut butter, put a spoonful or two in a small plastic bag, push ingredient to the one corner and twist the rest of the bag to form a small piping bag. Cut a tiny opening in the corner and use this to pipe patterns.

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