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JOYA® cut outs

Here are some more ideas to use as healthy treats or party snacks. Let the kids be creative with their own combinations of JOYA® apple slices, wedges or even cubes and a variety of other ingredients. Remember to first rinse the apple slices or wedges in water to prevent them from browning, pat dry lightly and then use them. Here are some suggestions.


Make sail boats with JOYA® apple wedges as the base (hull) and different sized sails. Connect these with a toothpick or small kebab stick. Decorate with peanut butter, sunflower seeds or raisins and choc chips. Or let the kids make these themselves.

Creative cut-outs: slice apple in thick slices and use a cookie cutter in e.g. a star to cut out the centre of the slice. Press down firmly to cut through the apple, without breaking the slices.

Replace this cut-out with the same shape, cut from a slice of cheese and replace the apple star with a cheese star as a healthy treat.

Use the apple star to decorate a slice of apple and secure with a pretzel-stick, as another treat.

Wedges can be turned into more shapes by decorating them with peanut butter and choc chips or nuts.

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