Makes about 25 truffles

JOYA® apple truffles

There are some flavours that just shout, ‘Christmas’ and ‘festive’. An apple, spice and nut filling, wrapped in a layer of dark chocolate is pure JOY-A. It may seem like a long recipe, but it’s just to help you follow the best method. It’s fuss-free, fun, easy and a guilt-free dessert – just mix, roll and dip! These are perfect with a cup of coffee, but do see the tips for more ideas.


1. Place almonds and oats in a blender and blend until they reach a finer consistency. It should almost resemble breadcrumbs.
2. Add cranberries, fruit mince and spices and blend until the mixture comes together. Add the apples and blend until the apples are incorporated.
3. Line a tray or freezer-safe container with baking paper. Roll mixture into balls (about 15 ml each) and place on the baking paper.
4. Freeze balls for 30-45 minutes. The balls shouldn’t be rock hard, but cold and firm enough to stay on the sticks. This makes the chocolate dipping process much easier.
5. Place chocolate in a deep bowl over a pot of gently simmering water. Stir gently over a medium heat until melted. Keep warm over the water but turn the heat off.
6. Remove balls from the freezer and skewer with the kebab or cocktail sticks. Dip each ball into the melted chocolate until well coated and place back on the baking paper. Repeat with all the balls and chocolate (see tip).
7. Allow to set in a cool place. If it is warm outside, place in the fridge to set.
8. Just before serving, sprinkle with a little edible gold dust and enjoy as an after-dinner treat or in any of the ways suggested in the tips.

Chef's Tip

1. Toast ground almonds in a large frying pan without any oil. Place pan over a medium heat and add almonds. Gently toss or stir through until lightly golden. Take care as they can burn quite easily. Allow to cool slightly and use according to the recipe.
2. If there is any leftover melted chocolate, pour onto a tray lined with baking paper. Sprinkle the melted chocolate with nuts and cranberries for a festive chocolate treat. Allow to set, break into shards and enjoy.
3. The truffles are perfect as place setting ‘name tags’ on a festive table. Attach a ribbon or tag with each guest’s name written on it. Place a truffle at each place setting as part of your table décor.
4. These truffles are delicious with ice cream or as part of a dessert platter. Why not spoil your guests with a truffle as a gift to take home?

JOYA® recipe tip:
When melting chocolate, temperature control is key. If the temperature is too high, chocolate can burn or even cease (which you never want) 😉. For best results follow these top tips:
1. Start with good quality chocolate (baking chocolate is a no, no).
2. Break or chop chocolate into even-sized pieces so that it melts at the same time.
3. Use a double-boiler: place a bowl over a pot of gently simmering water and make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.
4. Use a medium to low temperature, never high!
5. Patience, patience, patience – it’s worth it when melting chocolate.

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