Griddled JOYA® apples with ice cream

The natural sweetness of juicy JOYA® apples makes them ideal for pan-frying. This quick ice cream topping is a healthy alternative and delicious served with a sprinkle of nuts.

  1. Heat a griddle pan over medium-high heat and pan-fry apple slices in batches until they start to soften and are grilled. Remove and set aside.
  2. Add butter, oil, honey, lemon rind and juice and spices to pan. Allow to melt and stir to form a sauce.
  3. Return apple slices to the sauce and toss through until coated and heated through.
  4. Serve a few apple slices per person with scoops of ice cream, drizzle with the sauce, sprinkle with almonds and garnish with mint.
Chef's Tip

1. These apple slices will be as delicious served on plain yogurt as an even healthier dessert.
2. For the perfect ice cream scoops: pre scoop ice cream balls, place on a baking tray and freeze overnight or for a few hours until hard.

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Created by:
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