JOYA®, cheese & biltong sandwiches

Cheese and jam or cheese and ham are typical sandwich-partners, but have you ever tried cheese and apple on a sandwich? The juicy sweetness of JOYA® apples are wonderful with a mature cheese. And why not make it even more South African by adding a slice or two of moist biltong?

  1. Thinly slice JOYA® apples in the skin and rinse with cold water to prevent them from browning.
  2. Pat dry and layer them as part of a delicious sandwich filling.
  3. Butter slices of wholewheat bread, add a few baby spinach or lettuce leaves and layer with cucumber slices or ribbons, cheese of your choice, moist biltong and the apple slices.
  4. Kids may prefer the milder flavour of a white cheddar and for the adults a stronger flavoured cheese like mature cheddar, emmental or Gruyère cheese is delicious with the sweet-tangy flavour of JOYA® apples.
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