Makes about 6 - 8

JOYA® Apple s’mores

Mmmm… s’mores – need we say s’more?

  1. Skewer marshmallows on kebab sticks and toast over medium coals until caramelised and gooey.
  2. Place chocolate chips on 1 apple slice. Using this slice and another, sandwich the toasted marshmallow and pull it off the skewer with the apple slices. Add more chocolate chips to the apple s’more, if preferred.
  3. Enjoy immediately and repeat with the rest of the ingredients. Let everyone make their own apple s’mores over the coals.
Chef's Tip

1. If chocolate chips aren’t available, coarsely chop half a slab of dark chocolate.
2. Toasted and chopped nuts, sunflower seeds or desiccated coconut will be delicious on the s’mores. Add instead of or with the chocolate.

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Created by:
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