Mountain Biking Tips from the Pros!

If you want to ride better, stronger or faster, these game-changing techniques will help you up your game.

1. Master corners.

Brake before the corner so you can control your speed coming into it. Stand up with your knees flexed and open wide. Lean the bike underneath you and roll through.

2. Roll over humps.

When you encounter a rock or root, try not to look at it as you ride over it. You want to be looking ahead at your exit point. Keeping your arms and legs flexed, your pedals level, and standing up, go over it. You need to slow your speed before you reach it so you roll over it without braking.

3. Brake with caution.

Before you try points 1 and 2, practice braking using only one finger on your lever. Any more and you’ll use more forearm strength than is necessary and over brake.

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