3 Ways to Boost Your Energy

You know how it is. Some days you’ve got so much energy you feel you can take on the toughest hill, on other days just the thought of putting your bike on your car rack makes you want to yawn. What’s up with that? Once you’ve ticked the regular boxes (have you had enough sleep? Are you coming down with a bug?) look to your diet, say the experts. And there’s no need to be shoveling down extra supplements – try these strategies to keep you feeling fuelled throughout the day.

#1 Eat small, regular meals
You’re probably stuck on a breakfast-lunch-supper routine, but your brain and body actually need a steady stream of nutrients. Rather have a smaller lunch and then have snacks of fruit such as a JOYA® apple or nuts every couple of hours. The fibre in the apples will help keep your blood sugar levels constant.

#2 Cut down on sugar
Refined sugars are notorious energy stealers. Instead of reaching for a bran muffin or chocolate for a pick-me up, choose a fruit that has natural sugars instead.

#3 Go for green
While women are more prone to anemia (low iron levels) than men, low levels of iron can make everyone feel fatigued. While red meat is a great source, so are green vegetables such as kale and spinach, so add these to your diet!

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