The Best Apps for Mountain Bikers

Who would have thought your smart phone could improve your mountain biking experience? Try one of these apps and enjoy the ride!

#1 The Trail Guide

Sappi Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Forest plantations mean one thing – great single tracks! With mountain bikers constantly searching for the ideal spots to ride, Sappi decided that they would create an app highlighting the best trails on their properties. The planning tool currently features the Karkloof and Mankele trail networks, but there are more on the way. Available for Windows.

#2 The GPS Ride Tracker


Got a favourite trail? This app not only tracks your route and time, but also lets your competitive side shine through by allowing you to challenge your mates to better your time. They won’t be able to get away with exaggerations, as you’ll be able to check out the time they clocked. It’s loaded with other great features too. Available for iOS and Android.

#3 The Weather Guru


When you’re riding you need to know what climate conditions you could encounter so you can gear up to deal with them. But this weather app is so accurate it’ll also tell you where the good gaps are so you can sneak in a ride before the rain hits. It’s super specialised too – offering a ‘bicycling’ forecast based on the weather. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.


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